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COVID-19 testing for Travel

Free PCR testing with Insurance

Book your travel COVID-19 tests for Canada, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Dubai, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Europe, South Africa, Argentina, Middle East, and many more.


Gold Standard RT-PCR Technology

Our tests are performed with Gold Standard RT-PCR technology, the testing method approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Results are available within 24 hours are available for an additional fee. 

We will also complete the certificate of negative test to ensure successful entry.

Top Rank Diagnostic Lab

  • Fast Turn-Around Time

  • CDC Gold Standard PCR testing

  • We run our test using EUA approved Instrumentation, reagents, and test methodology.

  • We are high complexity CLIA and CAP-accredited laboratory and trusted laboratory partner.


We offer a minimal invasive specimen collection method. We accept specimens collected by the following methods:

  • Anterior Nasal Swab

  • Saliva Collection

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